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State Data Privacy Law Updates in the U.S.
  • 8/10/2021 10:30 AM EDT
  • 8/10/2021 11:30 AM EDT

  • In the absence of a comprehensive federal data privacy law in the United States, several states have proposed GDPR-like data privacy laws. While some of these laws have failed to make it through the respective state legislatures, Virginia and Colorado have joined California in passing data privacy laws. This presentation will focus on:

    • Do these new privacy laws apply to my hotels?
    • If I already comply with GDPR and/or CCPA, do I have to do anything else, or will I already comply with these new laws?
    • How can I comply with all these different privacy laws, and what other laws can I expect?

    Featuring: Richard Sheinis, Esq., CIPP-US, CIPT, FIP, Hall Booth Smith, P.C

Post-COVID Payment Relief Options for Hotel Owners
  • 8/12/2021 2:00 PM EDT
  • 8/12/2021 3:00 PM EDT
  • Most hotel owners received some form of loan payment relief due to COVID, but almost all that relief was in the form of DEFERRED payments, meaning it must be paid back. The payback period has started for many owners and expenses are rising. Join Allied Member 1st Street Service Solutions for a webinar discussing available options to owners in this situation.


                   Ann Hambly

                   CEO and Founder, 1st Service Solutions

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